But we are still accepting auditions!

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Anonymous whispered: Are you guys not doing this anymore?

We on hiatus, currently.

Anonymous whispered: Do you want our auditions to be a full song, or can it just be the first few verses of the song? (I don't want to write a whole parody of this X_X)

It can be half of a song~

kashiakuraku-deactivated2013051 whispered: I'm not sure if I'm going to be auditioning since I'm still deciding whether or not to. In the meantime, are there any spots still open for artists (and possibly) judges?

Every part is open, except for queen candy and fix it pheonix

Anonymous whispered: If i Wanted to audition, are auditions only limited to broadway-style songs, or can it just be anything?

It can be about anything you want!

Anonymous whispered: Which spots are still open that you've already announced the auditions for?

Every part except from fix it pheonix and queen candy!

Anonymous whispered: Is it too late to audition for roles such as Wreck-it-Rhonda? I found out about this project a little late, so I was unable to submit my audition during the dates you were looking for Rhonda auditions. Just curious.

Ah, no it’s not to late.

As long as the spots are open, the auditions are still being held.

Anonymous whispered: Can we audition more than once?

Of course you can!

onostalgia263-deactivated201311 whispered: Is it too late for me to audition?

It’s never too late!